the fastest word i can type is motherlode

almost 70,000 people get this joke like is a fandom thing or can you all must type motherlode really fast what is going on


i dont get it






This is the first time I’ve ever seen an archer in a film run out of arrows or collect used arrows to reuse later.

Accuracy: You’re doing it right.

accuracy? this is a movie about a small band of fantabulous people with random superpowers who defeat an alien invasion led by a guy with golden goat horns and you’re worried about accuracy?

firstly: tony, nat, and clint do not have superpowers, they rely on their skills to survive

secondly: thor is not human, other than the use of his hammer, he is relying on the natural strength and fighting abilities of his people

thirdly: bruce and steve were both perfectly ordinary until science got involved

lastly: what supervillain doesn’t have at least one questionable fashion decision?

accuracy matters

i’m gonna cry omg

Little Infinities - Please Invite Me To the Early Screening!

The Fault In Our Stars is one of my all time favourite books, and I am beyond excited for the movie! It’s one of those incredible, soul destroying books that changes the way you look at life - being a hero doesn’t equate to being flawless (in fact it is almost undoubtedly the opposite), an illness doesn’t define who you are and that even though love is just a shout into the void and oblivion is inevitable it is still so very very worth it. John Green broke my heart in the best possible way with these characters and this story, and it was a privilege :) This is without a doubt the movie I’m most highly anticipating this year, and even if I have to wait until June 20th I’m so excited to see Ansel and Shailene bring two of my favourite characters to life - and judging by John’s excitement, I bet they’ve not only done it justice but have exceeded everyones expectations. It’s a credit to John’s incredible writing that the whole team has respected the book so thoroughly and have been at least as passionate as the most die hard fans have been about making the movie! So fingers crossed I get an invite, but even if it doesn’t pan out thats ok, cause I’ll be the first in line on June 20th ;) (also you know getting to go to an early screening would be the best way to celebrate my birthday ever, if that helps my case) :P



Companionship [Kurt/Blaine, feat. Bruce] G


Are you lonely?  Yes.  Do you need companionship?  Yes.

5x17, “Opening Night” reaction fic.  AKA the origin of Bruce’s reappearance in Kurt’s life, and a predecessor to the scene where he’s curled up in bed with Bruce before waking up to help comfort Rachel.  Fluff fluff fluff.

~780 words

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Kurt knew that it would be an adjustment when Blaine moved out. 

There was no handbook about how to cope with the sudden and overwhelming freedom tempered by a deep, pervasive sense of loneliness that entered his life as soon as Blaine finished settling into Sam and Mercedes’ apartment. 

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prompt: reaction fic for 5x17 where kurt and blaine turn into horny little exhibitionists when they go to their favorite gay club. aka semi-public frottage.

Kurt has that look on his face, the one that reminds Blaine a little too much of a cat about to pounce, when he leans in to brush his lips against Blaine’s ear and say, “Let’s go be reckless.”

Blaine flushes. He doesn’t have to ask what Kurt means, because they’ve been here plenty of times before, and have maybe developed a bit of a reputation for sneaking off and being reckless.

"We’re here for Rachel," Blaine reminds him, and Kurt laughs, tugging at each end of Blaine’s undone bow tie.

"Rachel’s on the swing being fed grapes by hunky shirtless men. I don’t think she’ll mind if we disappear for a little bit, sweetheart."

"Huh, really? I thought that only happened in movies…" Blaine says, trailing off because Kurt’s already leading him over to the booth in the corner - the one tucked just out of sight of the dance floor.

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Glee AU|Superpowers: “Kurt, where’s my hair gel?!” aka Blaine is a superhero whose power originates from his hair gel and Kurt just wants one prom night without the world ending. (inspired from here)

The world needs to stop forever to read this because holy damn fuck I laughed for a good five minutes at this because it just combine my two favorite things ever

“The power of a smile goes a long way. My mom taught me that.”

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thehouseofthebrave said: The bartenders were the ones in suspenders and bow ties. Blaine is a bartender at that bar. Go.


"Hey, sweet thing, you look like you could use a drink."

Kurt rolls his eyes at the terrible line, breaking away from his conversation with Rachel to face the bartender. “Is that really how they’re teaching the bartenders to upsell drinks now? I’ve heard better lines from pre-pubescent boys.”

"But can pre-pubescent boys comp drinks for the hottest guy in this bar?" the bartender - Blaine, according to his nametag - says flirtatiously.

"You may have that going for you," Kurt allows, inclining his head slightly. He notices Blaine’s eyes widen hungrily as more of his long, pale neck is exposed. "But I’ll be really impressed if you can guess what I want to drink."

"Easy," Blaine says, arrogant yet adorable. "Long Island Iced Tea. Just like you, it looks innocent, but packs one hell of a punch."

"Oooh, you are good,” Kurt purrs, leaning in seductively. He catches a whiff of Blaine’s cologne and has to consciously keep his poker face on, not wanting the hot bartender to know how truly attracted Kurt is so early in the game.

"That’s not the only thing I’m good at, baby," Blaine says, and God, his voice should not be allowed to go that low and smooth. “If you can wait fifteen minutes, my shift will end and I’ll be able to show off my dance moves, too.”

"I dunno, that’s kind of a long time," Kurt says coyly. He stirs his drink idly, batting his big blue eyes at Blaine and smirking internally at the dumbstruck look that appears on Blaine’s face. "How can I be sure it’ll be worth my while?"

"I saw you checking out my ass in the reflection from the lights as I bent over and got more ice out of the freezer. If you thought it looked good stationary, just imagine how well I can show it off on the dance floor.” Kurt chokes as Blaine says that, prompting Rachel to thump him hard on the back.

God, B, you can’t just say things like that,” Kurt says when he catches his breath. “Are you trying to kill me?”

"Hey, you’re the one who suggested we try some roleplay." Blaine shrugs, entirely unapologetic. "It’s not my fault I’m better at talking the talk than you."

"Oh, really?" Kurt says, arching an eyebrow. "We’ll see about that in bed later tonight."

"Says the man who came his brains out solely from my dirty talking last week," Blaine says smugly.

"Can you guys maybe not go into explicit detail about your sex life while I’m sitting right next to you?!” Rachel cuts in, slamming a hand on the bar to get their full attention. “God, it was already weird enough agreeing to play along with your little sexcapade, I did not need to hear about what gets Kurt off on top of it!”

"I think I need to get someone home," Kurt says, giving Blaine an apologetic look. "Raincheck until you get home tonight?"

"Done. I love you!"

"I love you, too," Kurt coos as he leaves, prompting an eye roll from Rachel.

"I don’t understand how you two are somehow incredibly kinky and yet the oldest married couple I know," she says as they head for their bus stop.

"It’s a gift," Kurt teases, preening dramatically. Mentally, he’s already planning out how to surprise Blaine when he gets home. I did get that edible lube the other day

Tonight’s going to be a fun night, if Kurt has anything to say about it.

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Whoops, here’s like 200-300 words of a reaction thing. Maybe I’ll add the after nap part later… we’ll see.

            ”Nuh uh, no Bruce today.”

            Blaine slumped down on the bed behind Kurt and knocked Bruce’s plushy arm out of his hand.

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Oh man, I miss this asshole Blaine.

I miss him so much, I will probably always want to write him.

Was this all a persona? I really want the narrative behind the changes, to be honest. I know in reality it was probably that they had no idea what to do with the character and his popularity blew up and blew them away, but he really is so very different now and I want to know WHY he was so confident before and where did it all go? That’s probably too much to ask, though …

And here’s my disconnect with the Blaine fandom. He’s still confident. He claimed that New Rachel spot. He forced his faculty advisor to wear a superhero costume. He was called to account by the NND for being a bossy little snit. He soaks up attention and thrives on it. He felt out of place in the loft so he staked out some space in it, and he Broadway Babied with panache.

Is it just that we’re also seeing his insecurities that makes the confidence seem to disappear for some viewers? Is it that human tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive? Blaine sometimes gets lost in his own headspace, but who doesn’t? I don’t think he’s lost that outer confidence at all. We just see all sides of him, not just the bravado.

That’s interesting commentary. I would say that there is much less bravado from him than we saw in season 2. Between talking himself into cheating on Kurt (“I thought we were done. I thought you’d already moved on.”) and the tendency we’ve seen of his to get stuck in his own head, he seems to have lost that inner confidence that shone out of him when we first met him. Even the bossiness feels different, more strident, less leading and more pushing. That’s just my read on it, but I really wonder if there was discussion about it BTS or if the character just evolved that way without forethought. 

For me, it’s that nearly *all* we saw of Blaine in Season 2 was the bravado, so yes, that certainly stood out as a character trait. But now we’ve seen so many more sides of Blaine’s personality that his confidence doesn’t necessarily stand out, but I think it’s still there in spades. You bring up Blaine’s cheating, which is absolutely a failure of confidence for him, but even afterward, when he was in the depths of despair, he still readily suggested the spotlight male role in Grease for himself. And he had wanted Danny or he wouldn’t have auditioned at all. Not to mention that he *still* performed with enough confidence to make that audition committee want him in the main role; Blaine just knew that he wasn’t up for it emotionally right then. 

As I’m typing, I’m also realizing that even in Season 2, Kurt brought out Blaine’s more sensitive side. It was to Kurt that he confessed his fears about Jeremiah’s serenade, for instance, and it was with Kurt that he spilled the beans about his past history with school dances and except for when he asked Kurt to dance at the end of Prom, Blaine was pretty darn vulnerable that episode. So it makes sense to me that as his relationship with Kurt has progressed, we’ve seen more of that vulnerability. Which perhaps has taken screen time away from Bravado Blaine, but I think he’s still easy to find if you look. He’s the guy who got his closest friends to dress up as super heroes for their lock-in at the school for no reason whatsoever. He hatched a secret plan to take down Sue that I really wish we’d seen actually happen. He didn’t offer to give up the valedictorian speech once he got it, just to include Tina and Artie in helping prepare for it. And there are more examples, but I’ve got to get back to work!

To sum up, I don’t think Blaine’s had personality shifts so much as we’ve been given more insight into how that personality works. I think that makes us engage differently with his confidence/bravado, but it’s still there when I go looking for it.

Reblogging for the last post.

All this does is remind me that this fandom completely lacks nuance and only sees things in absolutes. We see Blaine as insecure, so he can only be that, it means everything we saw before it was fake, both sides can’t exist in him.

Except that people are multifaceted, and complicated and contradictory. Blaine can both have the bravado while also being deeply insecure. He can be cocky and arrogant sometimes, while also being all the things we’ve seen in him. He didn’t become a different person, we just know him better now.

Seriously, one of Glee’s biggest lessons, that runs through the entire series that fandom seems to either completely miss, or completely ignore is that there IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE, the world exists in shades of grey. People are complicated, there’s more than four sides to them, they have layers. And Blaine is one of the most complex and layered characters on the show.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff here, particularly the last few comments, but no one has mentioned that in season 2 we saw Blaine the way Kurt saw him, because it was Kurt’s story we were following; not Blaine’s. Kurt put Blaine Warbler on a pedestal. It’s no accident that the times fandom got mad at Blaine back then were also the times Blaine did or said things that eroded that elevated image Kurt had built up in his mind. He has changed yes, so have all of them. But since season 4 onward we are getting his side of the story. And his story might contradict Kurt’s in some places. It doesn’t mean they’re mutually exclusive. 

The last two comments


And just to touch a little bit on the last one there, the reason why I loved season 4 Blaine was not only because we saw him from his own POV, but we saw him from the POV of Sam and Tina who are his two closest friends, and it was like different projections finally converging together to create a 3D image. Blaine is simultaneously Sam’s best bro who he can dress up as superheroes with and Tina’s mushy sweet affectionate best friend. To Kurt he is a superstar that Kurt will happily support but can also be quietly resentful of, and to Sebastian and Hunter he’s someone that they worship but wants his talents for their own selfish ends. To himself he is…a lot of complicated and contradictory and hypocritical things in his own head that I can’t describe in a single phrase, but that’s what makes him so interesting.